You’ve got a website. It probably is in need of a refresh. Ursa Major’s focus on strategy will help take it to the next level. First, we work with you to:

  • Clarify objectives for each type of visitor you want to have on your website
  • Analyze current site traffic. Where are visitors coming from, or not coming from, and actions do they take on the site? What is bringing them to the site?
  • Analyze current site pages / features and social media utilization. What needs update or improvement? Is navigation optimal? Analyze websites and actions of your competitors and peers. What ideas can be leveraged?
  • Define a vision for site improvement, including:
    • New features / functions and features / functions to be removed
    • Plan for social media updates / changes (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).
    • Desired updates to look and style of site, and plan to add new photos and/or video to the site to boost engagement.
  • Select the platform, if improvements in hosting or technology are needed.
  • Develop the sitemap and the content, and THEN build the site.
  • Plan for implementation and launch, including integration between tools, testing, forms and contact collection, subscription and email follow-up, etc., as appropriate.
  • Plan for continuous improvements.

Even with all the strategy in the world, you will need to review analytics and make updates to content as the world changes.A flexible site will make that easy to do.