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Content and Collaboration

We analyze, organize, create and improve content, be it for the web, social media, or for a proposal. We do research, work out the details, collaborate, and get it done.

It's all about content, isn't it? The message, the meaning, communicating with the appropriate audience, and accomplishing the mission, without delay or aggravation? 

Ursa Major Consulting straddles the line between strategy and detailed analysis and writing. We:

  • Interview your people, and read source material
  • Plan and facilitate workgroups and meetings
  • Clarify tone, voice, and style needed
  • Structure and repurpose your content 
  • Draft material for your technical and business review and approval.

The result:

  • Accelerated development of consistent website content
  • Compelling, timely, and compliant proposals

We bring broad technical, Government contracting, and management background to your content and messaging needs.