Ursa Major supports processes for defining, collecting, and analyzing many different types of data to guide decisions toward improvement of policies and processes. Examples include:

  • Design and implementation of surveys to collect stakeholder input from stakeholders, including residents, first responders, City employees, and service providers with regard to behavioral health
  • Design and facilitation of workshops to standardize data across nonprofit agencies and provide industry-wide insights
  • Identification and analysis of Management Touchpoints represented by overlapping and cascading policies in effect at a federal agency
  • Analysis of website and social media traffic for website and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Data mining for suspicious financial transactions for law enforcement
  • Analysis of data collected by legacy information systems for data standardization and optimization
  • Identifying and implementing decision support systems to improve business intelligence
  • Analysis of existing processes and data flows to identify ways to improve cycle time
  • Analysis of employment and earnings data for people with disabilities to support policy alternatives and research agendas.

The resulting insights support business process improvement, data standardization, improved automation, and organizational change, and are often the foundation for delivering improved organizational performance.