Tuesday, 10 May 2011 17:39

Good to Hear!

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I heard tonight that the kids in the neighborhood were watching the swimming pool being filled and had apparently read our newsletter (or been read to) -- they knew that more new things were coming and that the pool would have an ice cream social in June! Rick Balzhiser told me that about 10 kids were gathered there this evening.

They had said that the pool was getting better and better! That's great to hear, since we have been working so hard... I'm pleased to report that the pool sign reading "MapleTree Pool" was installed this morning, giving the pool an identity for the first time ever since it was built back in the 1960s.  The sign looks great! I will have to get a photo sometime soon (it was too dark tonight without a flash).

And this, from a pool that was threatened with closure not too many years ago. It is gratifying to hear. Way to go!

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